OJOGO - PT Classic Lotary #48/2013 - Bet till 23:59 of 01/Dec

OJOGO - PT lottery #48/2013

The "OJOGO" is weekly lottery game based on the official Portuguese lottery and your objective is to hit the last 3 numbers of the first prize in the Portuguese Classic Lottery.
Ex. In the contest 46/2013 the first prize number was 34514 … If your bet was 514 you were the lucky winner. Simple as that.
Official Portuguese Lottery site: https://www.jogossantacasa.pt/web/SCCartazResult/lotClass

100% Anonymous Bets:
To play you must send 1 LTC + 0.0”NUMBER” you like to play, for ex:
- I would like to play number 475… So I must send a total of 1.0475 LTC to OJOGO
- I would like to play number 026… So I must send a total of 1.0026 LTC to OJOGO


Bet per number = 1 LTC
Joker to lottery #48/2023 (02/Dec/2013) = 50% of total bets

Refund per winning bet:
Hit last 3 digits* - 10 LTC + Joker
Hit last 2 digits - 100% (return of your bet)
Hit last digit - 10%
* If there is more than one winner the prize will be divided between them.

We accept bets till 23:59 (WET) of Sunday before the contest day - runs every Monday.

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